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Stacie Phua is the teacher we all wish we had. Welcoming, gentle, bubbly and patient, she brightens up any classroom, and sparks new-found interest and enthusiasm in everyone under her care. Her ability to captivate and meet the diverse needs of young children is particularly remarkable. With all the raving accolades pouring in, Stacie was the perfect choice to anchor Grade 2 and 3 Mathematics in Superstar Teacher.


Monica Leong exploded onto the video teaching scene in 2003, and the rest, shall we say, is history. Her ability to bring lessons to life has earned her legions of fans from all over the world, and she has also earned a name for herself as an exceptionally inspiring and engaging teacher. With all the attributes of a genuine Superstar Teacher, Monica was the pioneer and has spearheaded the success of the enterprise.


Once a struggling student in his early years, Johan Foong worked his way to junior college, then university, and ultimately, a stellar career. Today, Johan is a true-blue veteran of the education industry. His personal academic journey makes him a powerful presence in the classroom as he knows exactly what difficulties students face. Superstar Teacher is confident that under Johan's guidance, many new success stories will be created.