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by Singapore Expert Teachers

Why Singapore Math?

Singapore Math has consistently been ranked among the top countries in the Trends in International Mathematics and Science Study (TIMSS) and Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA) studies. In the latest PISA report (2012), Singapore ranked second with a mean score of 573.

Singapore Math uses a simple yet effective approach of teaching students to learn and master Math concepts in a three-step learning process - Concrete, Pictorial and Abstract.

Here are some methods we teach:
Jigsaw Method
Lollipop Method
Age Problem
Comparison Model
Pull-down Model
Part-whole Model

Jigsaw Method

Q: The figure is made up of a rectangle and a semi-circle. Find the area of the shaded part.

Lollipop Method

Q: A car and a bicycle set off at the same time and travelled at uniform speeds towards a town 350 km away. When the car arrived at the town, the bicycle was still 105 km away. 3 hours later, the bicycle also reached the town. How long did the car take to complete its journey?

Age Problem

Q: Amy is n years old now. 4 years ago, Amy was twice as old as Bernice. How old was Bernice 4 years ago?

Comparison Model

Q: Jane had an equal number of $2 and $5 notes. After spending 16 pieces of $2 and 48 pieces of $5 notes, the ratio of the remaining $2 notes to $5 notes was 5 : 1. Find the total value of her notes that were left.

Pull-down Model

Q: James spent $2 more than 12 of his money at store 1. He then spent $2 more than 50% of his remainder at store 2. He used half of the remainder to buy a drink and had $2 left. How much money did James have at first?

Part-whole Model

Q: In a survey, 90 people chose apple as their favourite. 80% of the remaining people chose pear as their favourite while the rest chose orange. If 110 of the people surveyed chose orange as their favourite fruit, how many people were involved in the survey?

Why Superstar Teacher?

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Learning Features

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A tool specially designed to track your child's progress on the assigned lessons specifically the amount of time viewed and the number.

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